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Pork Sausages

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All in one flan

Although we pride ourselves on our award winning sausages and home raised beef, we have many other delicious options. The Local Daily Newspaper is also available from the butchers shop. Please take your time to browse through our range of products.

Stonehouse Bakery Bread

Fresh Fish from Inshore Fisheries


All our Burgers are home made, making them idea for BBQ's. If the weather's not inspiring maybe one of our burgers are!

Lamb & Mint Lamb Tomato & Basil Lamb Korma
Pork & Apple Beef & Onion Beef
Gammon & Pineapple Chicken Burger


supplied by Anna's Happy Trotters http://www.annashappytrotters.com/

free range pork bred and reared to the highest standard

Whole Leg Bone In Pork Chops Pork Leg Steaks
Half Leg Bone In Loin On The Bone Diced Pork
Rolled Leg Rolled Crop Minced Pork
Rolled Loin Breast & Hand Pork Pork Fillet
Short Cut Rolled Loin Belly Pork Pinwheel


We cure our own bacon which is extremely popular with our customers. Please try our new 'Greenhow Dried Cured Rindless Bacon Roll'. 

Slice Back Bacon Dry Cured Ham Smoked Middle
Bacon Chops Dry Cured Ham Joints Sliced Streaky
Back Bacon Joints Gammon Joints Packed Shoulder Joints
Dry Cured Middle Sliced Gammon Ham Shanks (each)
Dry Cured Back Smoked Back Diced Bacon
Greenhow Dried Cured Rindless Bacon Roll


Venison Haunch on the bone Wild Bore Haunch Peasants Brace
Venison Haunch boneless Wild Bore Steak Wild Duck Brace
Venison Leg Steaks Wild Bore Diced Partridge Brace
Casserole Venison Mixed Game Diced Veal Topside


Lambs Liver Lamb Kidney Ox Kidney
Pig Liver Pig Kidney Heart
Ox Liver Chicken Liver


We offer a range of poultry including guinea fowl and supremes. At Christmas we buy Turkeys and Geese direct from local suppliers and prepare them in our shop ready for the oven.

Chickens Stuffed Chicken Joints Turkey Thigh
Chicken Breast Joint Turkey Duck
Chicken Legs (each) Turkey Breast Fillet Duck Breast
Chicken Fillets Turkey Crown Chicken Crowns

Cooked Meat

Cooked Ham Cooked Brisket Brawn
Cooked Pork Ox Tongue Black Pudding
Cooked Turkey Corned Beef
Cooked Beef Chopped Pork Pate
Savoury Duck


Our pies are baked in the village shop using our own local products.

Pork Pie 1LB Chicken & Mushroom sml Egg & Bacon sml
Pork Pie 2LB Chicken & Mushroom lrg Egg & Bacon
Pork Pie Chicken & Ham Cornish Pasty
Steak & Kidney sml Game Pie Sausage Rolls
Steak & Kidney lrg Quiche Scotch Eggs
Mince & Onion sml Cheese & Onion Flan Apple Pie sml
Mince & Onion lrg Pork and plum Apple Pie lrg
Turkey, Pork with Sage and Onion


Milk 1pt Milk 1 Litre Milk 2 Litre
Cream Single Cream Double Cottage Cheese
Fruit Yogurt

Hawkshead Relish

Beetroot & Horseradish Chutney Chillililli Red Onion Marmalade
Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic Chutney Bramble & Bramley Jam Chilli/Lime/Ginger Jelly
Cumberland Sauce Strawberry & Black Pepper Jam Pink Grapefruit & Ginger Marmalade
Chilli Jam Lemon Curd Damson Chutney
Hedgerow Jelly with Port Cheeky Chilli Salsa Westmorland Chutney
Brown Sauce Tomato Sauce Sweet Chilli Sauce
Damson Jam Raspberry/ Vanilla Jam Five Fruit Marmalade
Sticky Toffee Sauce Five Fruit Marmalade

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cartmel sticky Toffee Pudding

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