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Home Grown Beef

All our beef is sourced from local farms within 6 miles of our butchers shop in Ingleby Greenhow. Relationships and trust have been built up over the years with farmers to ensure that only the best quality local Beef is available to our customers.

Both traditional and modern cuts are available. All beef is hung for at least 2 weeks to develop tenderness. There is full traceability as we know exactly where they come from and check with farmers for quality. We also offer Dexter Beef, which is a rare breed, again this is sourced direct from a local farmer with full tracability.

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Beef Menu

Topside/ Silverside Rib Roast Braising Steak
Rolled Sirloin Rolled Rib Chunk Steak
Sirloin On Bone Rib eye Steak Stewing Steak
Sirloin Steaks Shoulder Score Joints Shin Beef
Rump Steak Rolled Brisket Steak Mince
Rump Joint Rolled Top Crop Minced Beef
Fillet Steaks Flat Rib Ox Tail
Frying Steak Best Braising Steak T-Bone

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